Ze względu na globalny charakter organizacji, pracownicy IT Arvato z różnych krajów często kooperują ze sobą w ramach wspólnie realizowanych projektów. Tego roku, w celu integracji i zacieśniania współpracy, gościmy u siebie stażystów z Niemiec, którzy podczas dwumiesięcznego pobytu mają okazję bliżej poznać osoby, z którymi współpracują oraz charakter i środowisko ich pracy. Jednym z nich jest Simon Kösters, na co dzień pracujący w niemieckim Gütersloh jako Programista. W poniższym wywiadzie Simon opowiada o swoich doświadczeniach z pobytu w polskim departamencie IT Arvato.

Dawid Czekalski: Why did you decide to come to our Polish branch?
Simon Kösters: It was an offer from Arvato SCM where I work in Germany. I guess they wanted to show the students that we are internationally connected, so they made us the offer. They want to link the Polish team with the German team because we cooperate. To get to know our colleagues because we work more and more with each other.

Did they offer it to anyone else?
Only to the 2-3 best students from Arvato SCM.

So you’re the best?
Yeah… (laugh), but we are only like 6 or 7 people there.

But you’re the best anyway!
Yeah, still the best (laugh). They just offered and of course, why wouldn’t I go? Two months living in another country, why not :).

Have you ever been in Poland before?
Only directly at the border when I was a child, so it’s a first time really.

How do you find the place?
I really like it. Especially Poznań, it’s a cool city. We had like a city tour with Justyna from SAP Department. She showed us around and I really like it. A lot of history here.
The workplace is great. There are many activities and conversations between people. In Germany we have offices for a maximum of 4 people so this kind of open space is something new. I experienced  something similar in Germany but here people are even closer.

How do you feel in this environment? Don’t you mind the noise?
It’s ok… especially if you don’t understand Polish (laugh) because then you just focus on your work and you don’t have to bother that you don’t understand anything.

What type of work do you do here?
I work with the programmers and right now I’m doing an application which makes like substitutions when you go for vacation. After that, maybe I will be doing different application for parking spots reservations. So kind of cool tasks that I enjoy.

Do you do the same in Germany?
Kind of… but this is more web based. We are doing more logistics applications for shipping packages for example.

Anything surprising here for you?
Surprising is, I would say, the colleagues that everyone is so communicative and young.
The city itself is pretty interesting but nothing uncommon. It’s the first time I live in a big city and that’s interesting for me.

Have you learnt any Polish words?
Oh god… Well, I have an app for learning, but I’ve learnt just the very, very basics like “ciasteczka”.

Any words that sound funny to you?
Funny? Hmm, nothing in particular. Most of them are just like “ś”, “sz”, “cz” and when you have no idea what is going on, you don’t understand anything :).

Will you miss anything after going back to Germany?
Yes, of course the people I’ve met and the atmosphere. Here everything is a little bit more chilled but everyone is still working at the same time. I’m also going to miss the fun at work, like especially ping-pong :).