Arvato SCM Solutions is a global company with locations in over 40 countries on almost each continent. Based on our IT cooperation, at the beginning of June we had a pleasure to host in Poland Sergey Bobrovskikh, CIO of Arvato Russia. Sergey was impressed by our organization and how we manage our services for businesses in Poland and internationally. We also decided that we want to cooperate more closely and because of that it was a pleasure for me to accept the invitation of Sergey and visit Yaroslavl.

The visit in Arvato Russia
Arvato has been present on the Russian market since 1997 and now has over 1500 employees. IT department consists of 35 specialists. During my stay I had the pleasure to meet with Sergey’s boss and discuss our international cooperation. Later we had meetings with the SAP department and the Infrastructure Manager. Me and Sergey also discussed the areas of future cooperation and planned our next steps.

During my stay (on the lunch break) Sergey defeated me in a match of table soccer, 10:8 to be exact 🙂

Yaroslavl is quite similar to Poznań and has about 600 thousand citizens and more than 1000 years of history. It is a very charming city, full of beautiful churches, nice places, testy cuisine and very well developed industry.

What surprised me the most?

1. Tea in a train:

2. No ground (zero) floor:

3. Moscow underground metro stations:

I hope that in the close future we will have an opportunity to meet our colleagues from IT Russia and that we will also visit them in Yaroslavl. The results of our cooperation will be visible in the nearest future.

Krystian Brydzki, CIO Arvato Polska